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Happy Meowmie's Day!

The Purr Scouts of CLAW wish ALL Purr Scout

Meowmies a furry Happy Meowmie's Day!


Happy Meowmie's Day, I love mew!

Happy Birthday too!

PS Jenny

Don't furget to join us fur a

Meowmie's Day chat

at the CLAW chat room

May 14th, 2000


We love mew Meowmie! Happy Meowmie's Day!


PS Ping, Pong and Sugar



~My Meowmie~

I luff my meowmie, she pampers me to da max.

Anyting I want or need, I don't efen havf to ask!

She rescued me frum da wild place when I was small, helpless & alone.

Gavf me luff, food, shelter & toys, It's sure a wonderfur home!

Meowmie efen lets me be in CLAW where I've met manie great furriends.

So manie activities to participate in, the fun nevfur ends!

I has a wonderfur meowmie, Da bestest in da state.

I wouldn't trade da meowmie & home I've found for anyting,

dis is just too great!!!!!

~by Purr Scout Pepe~




I love mew Meowmie! Happy Meowmie's Day!


PS Leader Rhett Kincaid Butler




All day I play outside

Running through the grass

Watching butterflies flutter

Their vibrant wings of silk

I run up a tree

And sniff the air

I hear the birds chatter

And feed their young

After my long day

I run inside

And see my meowmie

Who waited all day    

By- PS Tred



by PS Leo Curry




My meowmie is furry special to me

She provides me with all that I need

A loving home and plenty to eat

And quite often a yummy treat,

She loves to cuddle and pet me endlessly

And so I must wiggle free

For what I want, I simply meow

Meowmie, get me some tuna now!

by PS Sassy



by PS Runtell



We love mew Meowmie! Happy Meowmie's Day!


The Kitty Tribe Purr Scouts



We love mew Meowmie-in-Law Beth!

Happy Meowmie's Day!


PS Leaders Sensi and Ivy



We love mew Meowmie-in-Law Stephanie!

Happy Meowmie's Day!


PS Leader Cosmo and Angel Frankie



I finkz my meomie is a Angelz,

She alwayz noz my needz,

she luffz me day and nitez,

and alwayz feedz me rightz.

hehe Puffer* who luffz his meomie*

Happy Mufferz Day from the LuvKittys and PS Puffer*




What words can we use to express

The love we feel for her,

In good times or times of stress

She is always there.


She plays with us and feeds us,

And never makes a fuss

When sometimes we do something bad

That would make others mad.


Protected by her loving care

She keeps us safe

From those who do not share

The same deep abiding love.


Everyday is Mothers day

She is always special

But on the day it's great to say


by PS Buddha Gill



I love mew Meowmie! Happy Meowmie's Day!


PS Sunshine



WE tink, our meowmie Anne, is the best meowmie.....

Not only does she love and take good care of us

She always has love and food

fur all the little, stray kitties who havf no home!!!!!

She has been doing this wif stray kitties fur many years...

She has enuf love fur all of us...

and makes each of the stray kitties feel loved and special!

When possible.. avfur the stray kittens are ready fur a human family..

she then tries to locate a family fur them...

so they can be placed in a loving home!!!

Yes... we tink our meowmie is pretty special..

and want to honor her on her daz!!!!!


PS Calli, Missy and Kiki Stanley



We love mew Meowmie! Happy Meowmie's Day!


The Milliken Purr Scouts



I thank Bastet every day for giving me a human

who cares for all the homless and forgotten.

My brofurs and sisfurs are alive today

thanks to the kind and gentle heart of our human.

Thank you for caring enough to give us a chance

when the rest of the world would not.


PS Ren,Willie, Stimpy,Felix, Lucky, Boo, Pookie,Abby,

and all the rest




I Love my meowmie furry much,

she rescured me from a cement plant

when I was only 5 weeks old.

She makes sure I have food, water, a warm & cozy home,

and a furry nice sisfer Mitzi.


PS Toby



My Meowmie

I was a stray kitty, found on the streets,

so my real mom is not known but my present meowmie

loves me very much and is very good to me.

She feeds me really good (I have gained a bit of

and I have my own covered outdoor cat castle.

I also spend time inside the house too!

She got me two siblings to keep me company

and lets me have quite a bit of computer time

to run my own CLAW Society.

I consider myself a lucky white cat!


PS Sir Wally



Happy Meowmie's Day!